Montana Sports Betting

State Information

1,068,778 (2019)
Largest city:

Gambling: Casinos & Sportsbook

Year Regulated Gambling:
Bingo (1973), Poker (1973), Sports Pools (1973), Video Keno (1976), Video Lottery (1985), Lottery (1986), Tribal Casinos (1994), Lottery Fantasy Pools (2008)
Estimated Gambling Revenue:
$130 million
Gambling Age:
18 for all forms. However, most poker tables and video lottery establishments have a minimum age of 21
Online Gambling:
Horse Racing

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In addition to other jurisdictions, Montana sports betting is another market to watch the gambling industry. As Gov. Steve Bullock signed bill H275 into law in 2019, he made Montana the first state to allow sports gambling. As a result, Montana has joined the ranks of states that have allowed legal sports betting.

A second measure, S330, had made its way to Bullock’s desk, but he objects it in favor of sticking with the single-entity sports gambling system for the time being. Instead, the state lottery will run the sportsbook service for the next seven years under H275.

Montana Gambling History

Publishing the Montana Constitution in 1889, it banned all forms of gambling. In 1937, officials narrowly legalized table sports. Around this time, slot machines began to appear in bars. Moreover, in the 1950s, the Montana Supreme Court saw that these machines were unconstitutional. To overturn this ruling, they created a referendum vote. However, a score of 4-1 defeated it.

Montana Sports Betting

In 1972, people gave the state government the power to legalize gambling. The following year, lawmakers passed laws making live poker, keno, and bingo legal. A Montana Supreme Court decision allowed the inclusion of electronic keno in 1976. In 1980, video poker machines began to emerge in the province. The devices, according to the operators, were also under the keno decision. In 1984, the state Supreme Court objected. The following year, the legislature overturned this decision. At the time, the maximum payout was $100.

During the introduction of poker video games, there was no fee. Only an annual license fee was required. However, in 1987, the state began charging a 15% tax on computers.

1986 was the founding year of the state lottery. Additionally, in 1994, it was the establishment of gaming compacts with tribes. In 1995, they raised the gross bonus for video poker and keno machines to $800. And finally, in the early 2000s, they made some efforts to open Montana casinos with table games. The previous attempt in 2003 fell, restricting all Montana gambling establishments to poker and video lottery. The state legislature outlawed all types of online gaming in 2005. This statute exempts horseracing from the law.

Continuation on MT Betting History

In 2008, the Montana Lottery began selling NFL regular fantasy sports cards. The following year was also the introduction of NASCAR pools. And if the competitions did not contain college competitions, the NCAA was not happy with Montana’s fantasy sports tournaments. The NCAA has threatened to cancel significant sporting activities in the state. Unfortunately, they never carried the warning.

Montana Legal Sports Betting Choices

If you’ve ever viewed a sports betting platform, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that baseball, basketball, and football are the most popular sports. We may anticipate a similar situation in Montana when it comes to sports betting. HOWEVER, the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB would most likely have the most betting markets.

It does not, though, imply that all other leagues and competitions would be underrepresented. Tennis, golf, soccer, and a variety of many other sports are all common bets. Not to mention the countless market niches, such as Aussie Rules, darts, and MMA, which both have a sizable following in their very own way.

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Montana Gambling Laws

Fortunately, Montana’s sports gambling laws are simple. The Montana Constitution expressly declares that “all modes of wagering are forbidden” except if approved by the legislation or a public vote. In Montana, tribal casinos (Class III), pari-mutuel horse race gambling, the state lottery, and the charity bingo and raffles are legal ways of gaming. The Montana Code section 23-5-112(20)(c) deals with sports betting. The term “internet gaming” is still prohibited, but only for casino-style table games.

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock approved laws involving MT gambling into law in May of this year (D). They included several amendments to Montana’s gaming regulations in the legislation, SB 25 and HB 725. Sen. Mark Blasdel (R-4) introduced a bill in the Montana Senate that legalizes sports pools and tabs in the state’s many famous taverns and bars. Rep. Ryan Lynch (D-76) has introduced HB 725, which will enable the Montana Lottery to offer a full-fledged single-game sports gambling service on mobile devices, retail kiosks, and over the web.

Sports Betting in Montana FAQs

Is gambling legal in Montana?

Yes, really. Governor Steve Bullock signed H275 into law on Friday, May 3, 2019, making sports betting legal in Montana. The state lottery will run a state sportsbook for the next seven years, and approved bars and restaurants will be allowed to install sports gambling booths. Furthermore, the bill permits mobile gaming via the state’s sportsbook. However, you must be at the legal gambling age in Montana to qualify for Montana’s gambling age.

Am I allowed to gamble on the internet from my computer in Montana?

Not yet, but a bill recently made into law by Governor Steve Bullock allows for smartphone betting, which is supposed to be legal in time for the NFL season’s playoffs in September.

Is it legal to wager online in Montana?

In Montana, it is illegal to bet online unless you do so on an offshore casino website. In Montana, it is still illegal to run an online gaming website.