Massachusetts Sports Betting

State Information

7,033,469 (2020)
Largest city:

Gambling: Casinos & Sportsbook

Year Regulated Gambling:
Racing (1935), Lottery (1971), Bingo (1971), Casinos (2012)
Estimated Gambling Revenue:
$4.8 billion
Gambling Age:
Lottery, bingo, and racing: 18 Casinos: 21
Online Gambling:
Horse racing is legal at licensed sites.


A revamped Massachusetts House Bill 3974 has taken Massachusetts sports betting a step closer to becoming a reality. The bill’s passage may pave the way for the statewide legalization of wagering on professional and collegiate sports. Thus, there is a strong likelihood that legal sports betting will be available this year. But still, this remains to be seen.

The journey has been rough, with over two dozen rival proposals submitted by state legislators over the last several years. But, if abrupt and unexpected movement signifies anything, it’s that the legalization process may be going ahead after all.

Consider the current state of gambling in Massachusetts and how it could evolve shortly.

Expected Operators for Sports Betting in Massachusetts

These are the most probable online sports betting Massachusetts to open up if the state passes legislation to allow for legalized sports betting:

  • BetMGM: Since there is already a casino at MGM Springfield, BetMGM Sportsbook will probably be the first to open in Massachusetts.
  • Fanduel: With DraftKings, FanDuel is one of the first online sportsbooks to operate in new states that allow online sports betting.
  • Encore Boston Harbor: If sports betting is legalized in Massachusetts, Encore Boston Harbor, which is owned by Wynn Resorts, will also have early access.
  • DraftKings: Having a headquarters in Massachusetts, DraftKings Sportsbook is almost assured a place.
  • Barstool Sportsbook: Considering that Penn National Gaming, which owns Barstool Sportsbook, also controls Plainridge Park Casino, another sports gambling Massachusetts operator.

Even at the retail casinos that dot the state, there are currently no sportsbooks in Massachusetts. Because even DraftKings Boston MA, one of the most popular sports betting companies, is based in the state, this seems odd.

Massachusetts legislators have yet to decide how to allow sports betting Massachusetts and what limits or rules they would implement. MA gambling has three retail casinos that might be linked to potential sportsbook licenses.

Traditionally, brick-and-mortar casinos may issue licenses for retail sportsbooks within a sports betting legalization framework. Additionally, sportsbooks may come up at horse racing courses in retail forms in Massachusetts.

As DraftKings and online sports betting have become more popular, any future law on the subject would probably include mobile sports betting regulations. As Governor Charlie Baker has previously said, Massachusetts might be a suitable candidate for online-only sports betting, like Tennessee.

To anticipate the future of sports betting in the state, we must wait and watch how the legalization Massachusetts process plays out first.

Is sports betting legal in Massachusetts?

According to the Massachusetts gambling laws, it is still against the law to wager on sports in the state. Governor Charlie Baker and The House of Representatives have shown overwhelming bipartisan support for marijuana legalization. Still, the Democrat-controlled Senate has stalled progress, potentially delaying the process until 2022.

Baker has attempted to bring sports betting to Massachusetts three times, the most recent in February of 2021. (H 70). In January, they introduce five significant sports betting legislation by the House and the Senate, three from each chamber. Since its debut in March, S. 269 from Sen. Eric Lesser did not alter, making it the bill before the Senate Ways and Means Committee. However, as the fiscal year 2021 draws close, nothing looks imminent since the Senate has delegated the matter to a lesser priority.

In 2020, Massachusetts was expected to be the first state to legalize Massachusetts online gambling. However, the Senate voted to remove the sports betting provision from the economic development bill H 4887. Even while the Senate reiterated its support for passing a measure, it opposed tying a sports betting bill to the economic development legislation without proper consideration.

The House and Senate must pass a single measure for sports gambling Massachusetts to become legal in the state. After that, Governor Baker will have to approve it, which he will most certainly do. For the time being, however, residents of the Bay State and those who like sports betting will have to wait and see until 2022 before they can join in.

Online Gambling Massachusetts in Sports FAQs

What sites allow Massachusetts sports betting?

Soon, when online sports betting becomes legal in the state, we may see the well-known sports betting operators in other states. This includes DraftKings Sportsbook, BetMGM Sportsbook, and Fanduel.

Are sports betting legal in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts House voted to legalize sports betting in casinos and electronically in July at Beacon Hill.

How can I bet on sports if I live in Massachusetts?

You cannot bet on sports even if you are a Massachusetts resident. It is because you have no legal sports betting operators to place your bets with. Even if you go to casinos, racetracks, or any gambling venue in the state, you won’t be able to place your bets on sports that you like in the state.

Can I play DraftKings sportsbook in Massachusetts?

As of this writing, no you can’t. DraftKings is a legal sportsbook operator in other states. However, sports betting is not yet legal in Massachusetts so you cannot bet on sports in the state.

Can I bet online if I live in Massachusetts?

The legalization of Massachusetts online sports gambling is still in the process. As of this writing, you cannot bet online on sports in the state.