Louisiana Sports Betting

State Information

4,661,468 (2020)
Baton Rouge
Largest city:
New Orleans

Gambling: Casinos & Sportsbook

Year Regulated Gambling:
Lottery (1868-1893, 1990-present), Racing (1852-1868, 1971-present), Bingo (1987), Casinos (1991), Truck Stop/Tavern Video Poker (1991), Sports Betting (2021)
Estimated Gambling Revenue:
$2.9 Billion
Gambling Age:
18 for racing and charitable gambling, 21 for lotteries and casinos
Online Gambling:
Horse Racing

Louisiana states flag

The State Legislature has approved Louisiana sports betting. So next, it’s time for the casinos to submit applications for a Louisiana gaming license. In Louisiana, there are 41 internet casinos and 20 physical casinos. Legal sports betting sites are anticipating a debut in early 2021, possibly during the NFL season. Once they legally implement online gambling, every one of Mississippi’s 55 dioceses would be able to wager online. But only within the state’s authorized and registered digital casinos.

After the Appeals Chamber decided that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 is unlawful, the waiting game began. As a result, Louisiana has become the latest in a string of states that allow online gambling. These laws made it illegal for governments to legalize casino gambling. However, the governments now have full authority.

Sports Betting in Louisiana

A lengthy and arduous fight in the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion and State Legislature took place in 2016. The campaign is about deciding whether or not to legalize online gambling in particular areas or parishes. Sadly, the vote didn’t state whether online gambling in New Orleans, Louisiana entertainment betting should be excluded or included. Thus the choice will be given by regulators in 2021.

Louisiana Sports Betting

Sports wagering and sometimes even snooker, classified as a Louisiana state sport, are available for wagering. However, gambling in games is illegal. Although they did not list games in Louisiana casino laws, the county’s description of money laundering includes acts. “In which a user risked the loss of something of value to earn a living.” It will also cover online poker.

Online Gambling Louisiana

As previously stated, internet gaming is illegal inside the country of Louisiana. Overseas casinos aren’t subject to Louisiana gaming regulations. In conclusion, they should continue providing online gambling to Louisiana citizens who accept the chance.

Louisiana professional sports teams fans are caught in both problematic positions. First, they don’t have places to gamble in Louisiana. As a result, the only reasonable choice of wagering on games is through the internet. Nevertheless, individuals are committing a crime. Second, it isn’t a widely implemented regulation in Louisianna gambling, yet it exists. In conclusion, players should be aware of the consequences of being detected and assess the risks whenever making wagers internet.

How to Place Bets at Louisana Gambling Sites?

The future of the best gambling in Louisiana online experience is shrouded in secrecy. In addition, we still don’t even sure if gamblers would bet on Louisiana major sports teams or at physical casinos.

Researchers don’t know how Louisiana would compel users to enroll at partnering casinos while wagering online.

Installing Louisiana Gamble Apps on Your Mobile Device

If Louisiana allows digital online gambling, you must first install the software of your choosing. For illustration, whether you have an iPad, you must utilize the Program Stores to find any application you wish to use. The software will then immediately run on any smartphone once you purchase it.

Smartphone customers may do this with Google Play starting in March 2021, enabling betting applications in a scenario situation. Nevertheless, since the licensing system is lengthy, it may be when most big betting applications are available to users.

When you can’t locate your apps from Google Play, go to your selected sportsbook’s website and physically create an account from a designated download link.

In any case, installing the application may need installing GPS technology. In addition, this program will prohibit you from making a stake beyond your jurisdiction or in parishes where sports gambling also isn’t permitted.

Creating an Account for Sports Gambling in Louisiana Casinos

The first step is to obtain your favorite app. After that, you’ll need to sign up for the sportsbook and give the operators private details to verify your identification. Your actual location, birthdate, and Credit Card number are among them.

If Louisiana needs in-person enrollment, you’ll still have to go to the country or riverfront casinos, where they manage your betting apps. Then you’ll be able to confirm your identification and finish the enrollment process.

Luckily, if everything goes well, gamers will complete the application form electronically from everywhere, eliminating the need to visit a local site.

Deposit Funds into Your Bank Accounts for Sports Betting

As a result, most users won’t be capable of making a bet until they put funds in their accounts. The top purchase options for wagering applications include PayPal, direct online deposit, and PayNearMe, mainly casinos.

Verify for every initial incentive that could be applied if you’re a newcomer while financing your profile. Based on the value and circumstances of the reward, starting incentives get the ability to upwards of quadruple their original betting amount.

Any extensive collections offer, for example, would compensate you for filling your accounts with additional money straight away, like BetRivers Sportsbook’s 100percentage first matching up to $250. However, the more typical offer, including the Sportsbooks gift of an expense wager up to $1,000, is an initial investment play.

Funding Your Account for Sports Betting Louisiana

Even if you have cash on hand, go to your preferred sportsbooks and choose the true odds or marketplace you want to wager on. Then, to lock in the stake, click the odds, write in your bet, and instead submit it to any betting slips.

Sports Betting in Louisiana FAQs

Should Louisiana legalize sports betting?

Now that the Louisiana Senate has decisively adopted a model for legal sports gambling, citizens may start betting on it in the autumn shortly. Governor John Bel Edwards has expressed support for sports wagering and is likely to approve laws relating to it.

Where to gamble in Louisiana?

One of the best places to gamble in Louisiana is in new Orleans.

Where to gamble in New Orleans?

Over 2,400 slot machines and 130 table games from five casinos and one racecourse are waiting for you in New Orleans. Another thing is sure about your trip to New Orleans: The place will never disappoint you!

When will casinos open in Louisiana?

Currently, Louisiana has 15 riverboat casinos, four Native American tribal casinos, and one brick-and-mortar casino in New Orleans. They also have four racetracks, all of which allow legal wagering bets.

Is gambling legal in Louisiana?

The state prohibits all kinds of betting, including games of chance and any types of online betting that are not expressly legal by law. In addition, Louisiana takes a tough stance regarding unlicensed internet gaming sites. As a result, most offshore, casino, sports, poker betting operators would not even try to accept Louisiana residents.

Is gambling legal in New Orleans?

Betting has been prominent in Orleans for decades, although it was illegal until the 1990s. Since the law prohibited it before, underground wagering was very common. On the other hand, horse-race betting has been legal since the 1920s and has been the standard ever since.

Is sports betting legal in Louisiana?

Sports gambling is legal in Louisiana. Voters in 56 of the state’s 64 parishes passed a proposal to allow sports gambling in November 2020.