Idaho Sports Betting

State Information

1,839,106 (2020)
Largest city:

Gambling: Casinos & Sportsbook

Year Regulated Gambling:
Horseracing (1963), Lottery (1988), Casinos (2002)
Estimated Gambling Revenue:
About $120 million
Gambling Age:
18 for lottery and bingo, 21 for casinos and racing
Online Gambling:
Horse racing is the only form of legal online gambling

Idaho sports betting

Idaho sports betting has its own set of wagering rules. This state’s lawmakers appear divided between whether or not to support the sector. However, several people have recently begun to urge sports betting to be legal in our country. Our team of gaming specialists will further explore the current status of gambling in Idaho.

After all, some of you may choose to jump through to the real money sports betting section. That’s fine! However, let’s go through first with the basics of Idaho legal sports betting. That to mention are the Idaho online gambling laws.

History of Idaho Betting

The Idaho Constitution prohibits most types of gambling. Only nonprofit gambling, horse racing, and the lottery system are legal.

Idaho gambling

Between 1947 and 1953, slot machines were legal. Sadly, at this period, these devices flooded from Nevada. The state legislature pushed back and eliminated the loophole that these gadgets had benefited from for a short time. As a consequence, the activities were either relocated or stopped in Nevada.

Horse racing became legal in Idaho in 1963. In the 1970s, they incorporated off-track gambling. After Idaho tribes were allowed to offer slots and video poker, racing revenues plummeted. In continuation, the racetrack endures this lack of activity. The authorities approved classic racing equipment in 2013. In 2015, however, state legislators repealed historical races. Instead, they legalized greyhound racing at the same time as horse racing. The decommissioning of the final racetrack followed in 1995. The state of Idaho then outlawed greyhound racing. Finally, they abolished greyhound off-track wagering on July 1, 1999.

In 2014, Coeur D’Alene Casino added a live poker room. State officials contested the tribe’s claim that poker was allowed under Idaho’s pari-mutuel statutes. The state argued that the state law explicitly prohibited poker. In July 2015, the state won when the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in its favor. As a result, Coeur D’Alene Casino’s poker area lost in 2015.

Idaho Gambling Laws

Of course, before making any bets at the state, check whether you qualify for the gambling age in Idaho.

The state of Idaho’s sports betting rules is pretty straightforward. Article III, Section 20 of the Idaho Constitution specifies which types of gambling illegal in the state. Except for pari-mutuel horse racing betting in the state and bingo/raffle games. And also, in lotteries conducted by charity organizations, all forms of gambling are legal.

Also illegal are all casino card games and electronic gaming machines. Idaho, on the other hand, only prohibits sportsbook operators from operating in the state.

“Any individual who engages in pool selling or bookmaking for hire, gain or profit is guilty of a misdemeanor.” According to Title 18, Chapter 38 of the Idaho Statutes, a potential punishment of $1000 and a 6-month sentence. Nonetheless, no legislation prohibits people from betting on sports with any company. So you may continue to use legal Idaho online sports betting platforms.

Sports Betting Idaho

The most profitable sports for sports betting have long been a source of contention among players. When determining where to wager, different sports will provide varied benefits. Football, especially the Boise State Broncos, is the overwhelming winner in Idaho. This collegiate squad has a solid reputation and has been the most well-known sports team in Idaho.

Here are some ideas if you’re searching for something unusual or don’t know where to start.

First and foremost, in online sports betting, not all sports are created equal. Some sports will provide good yields than others, while others will give greater odds. Furthermore, not all games take place consistently. Certain sports happen daily, whereas others happen less frequently. So pick a good sport that fits your betting style and betting preferences.

Next, keep in mind that more enormous rewards come with increased risk. Be aware of wagers with large bonuses, but that is in sports that you are unfamiliar with. It is easy to get tangled up in the excitement of a potentially enormous profit. And lose sight of your capacity to make informed decisions regarding your choices.

Also, don’t be a person who treats their sports wager as if it were a lottery ticket. Instead, you aim to make informed, well-thought-out sports decisions.

Lastly, a solid rule of thumb is always to wager what you know about online gambling. Betting on a sport you are familiar with is considerably more likely to pay off. Thus, comparing gambling to the unfamiliar one. This advice may seem obvious. But many inexperienced gamblers get swept up in the excitement of all the possibilities. And end up placing wagers that are much above their level of knowledge.

Whenever you wish to try a new sport, do your research. Then, make sure you’re ready before betting real money.

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Sports Betting in Idaho FAQs

Is online gambling legal in Idaho?

Idaho people can also bet online because there are no restrictions. They do, however, restrict, restrict, or control internet gambling services as a result.

Is it legal to gamble in Idaho?

When it comes to both physical or online gambling, Idaho is one of the most challenging states. While a few types of gambling illegal, citizens can still participate in select games, including horse racing betting and the lottery.

Is gambling prohibited in Idaho?

Idaho casinos are legal, and they are allowed to provide slots and video poker.