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There are no forms of regulated and legal Hawaii gambling
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There are no forms of legalized online gambling in Hawaii

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Hawaii sports betting legalization may be impossible. And currently, there still no further steps taken to legalize sports betting in the state.

Except for gambling, Hawaii, sometimes known as the Aloha State, exudes a friendly atmosphere. Both welcome and farewell are spoken with aloha. But when concerns about offline and online gambling, Hawaii is among the tightest states. Hawaii is significantly tougher to operate if you’ve visited two conservative states like Georgia or Kansas.

Hawaii does not have any land-based casinos, contrasting several other states that allow wagering on Native American reserves. Regrettably, the state has never expressed any desire to change this. Consequently, Hawaii does not have any online sports betting. Even if you’re going beyond the shore, you may bet on a boat or a cruise liner.

Though casinos and internet wagering are no longer an option in Hawaii, you may still play with licensed providers. Furthermore, several of the most popular sports gambling websites will gladly accept Hawaiian citizens. Continue reading to learn so much about these websites.

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History of Gambling in Hawaii

Hawaii never had a gambling tradition. Before it joined the US, there were some racetracks in the country. Since the 1950s, when Hawaii became the 50th state, no kind of wagering has been permitted. Measures to modify this have been few. Online poker is a notable exception.

Beginning in 2008, a group of Hawaii Assembly members attempted to regulate internet poker. It continued for six years, and it became clear that the attempt was fruitless. In 2015 and 2016, no work has been done.

Until 2016, daily fantasy sports sites were legal in Hawaii. State Attorney Doug Chin and his staff issued an opinion in January of that year declaring daily fantasy sports unlawful.

Until 2016, Hawaii had daily fantasy sports sites. Attorney General Doug Chin and his department issued a statement declaring daily fantasy sports unlawful in January of the same year.

In addition, unlike most other states, baseball, basketball, and football are not nearly as popular in Hawaii. The state’s lack of interest in sports is due to the time zone and pleasant weather.

Options for Online Betting Hawaii

There are no legal betting alternatives in Hawaii because the state prohibits all forms of gaming. Several websites claim to take wagers from everywhere in the United States, but this isn’t always the case.

At the government level,  they did not regulate or permit wagering sites. They must obtain all gaming licenses from the state or jurisdiction.

It implies that these offshore sportsbook providers do not have a license and, as a result, do not always operate with the most significant level of credibility.

It implies that all these companies might refuse to pay out successful wagers or even close their doors without reimbursing customers’ money. Furthermore, because the services are not legal in the United States, there have been no user safeguards to assist in the recovery of that money.

Hawaii Gambling Laws

Hawaii’s state sports betting laws don’t have anything to say about them. “An individual who knowingly advances or engages in any wagering acts commits the crime of gambling,” according to Hawaii Statutes 712-1223. And this is all there is to it. Gambling’s penalty is a mere misdemeanor in Hawaii, fortunately.

On the other hand, the Hawaii statutes describe bookmaking as promoting gambling activity “by soliciting bets from public members” on the outcomes of certain events in the future. It also includes sporting events.

Hawaii politicians have also been toying with the possibility of bringing casino and gambling to Congress, as previously indicated. So far, there have been few advancements on this front. And no proposals proposing the legalization of sports betting in Hawaii. Even before the state legislature.

Sports Betting in Hawaii FAQs

Is gambling legal in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, gambling, including online sports betting, is strictly illegal. Tribal casinos, charity gaming, lottery systems, and any form of casino wagering are also illegal inside the state.

Is it legal to play DFS in Hawaii?

In Opinion Number 16-1, issued in January 2016, the attorney general of Hawaii made a decision that daily fantasy sports games are illegal gambling under Hawaii law. As a result, Hawaii law considers daily fantasy sports games to be unlawful.

Do I have the ability to set betting limits?

You may establish a betting limit at most, if not all, online casinos and sportsbooks. It’s under the law in several states.

Is Daily Fantasy Sport prohibited in Hawaii?

The state of Hawaii has made gambling illegal. Legislators in Hawaii have deemed online DFS sports illegal, comparing them to several other games of skill.

Will I go to jail in Hawaii if I gamble on sports?

No. Hawaii’s sports gambling bans are directed at individuals who provide unlawful gambling services. State-licensed sports betting is not currently permitted in Hawaii, and it is unlikely to be for a long time. Locals who gamble online at licensed offshore sportsbooks are not breaking any federal and state laws. Thus there is no fear of being prosecuted.