Georgia Sports Betting

State Information

10,711,908 (2020)
Largest city:

Gambling: Casinos & Sportsbook

Year Regulated Gambling:
Bingo (1976), Lottery (1992), Video Lottery (2013)
Estimated Gambling Revenue:
$1 Billion
Gambling Age:
18 for lottery and bingo, no minimum age for video lottery
Online Gambling:
Lottery tickets, including instant games, are sold over the Internet.

georgia sports bettingGeorgia sports betting was one of the latest states to allow gambling in any manner other than for charitable purposes. The Georgia Lottery was built in 1992 after the voters passing a constitutional amendment. On the other hand, charities that offered games like bingo and raffles were the only type of wagering legal in Georgia before then. More Details will be posted here at PlayLegalSportsBetting.

Almost suddenly, the Georgia Lottery became one of the country’s major gaming enterprises. Later on, it grew towards online ticket sales, including instant games. Then, in 2013, they convert the slot machines in the Gray Area into a video lottery.

Even though there are no casinos in Georgia, gamers still have choices. Bettors in Georgia can visit one of the two Cherokee casinos in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina or drive to Mississippi or Florida. Another alternative is to board a cruise ship from an Atlantic Ocean port and play casino games once the vessel has entered the international seas. Find a company that provides cruise ship casinos and gaming rentals using our Georgia casinos map of services.

Georgia Betting Laws

The majority of wagering and betting is illegal in Georgia. Residents are not able to own slot machines or video poker machines. Home poker games are permissible, but only if they do not request rake or entry fee from the pot. In addition, there may not be a buy-in for poker events with prizes.

Only charities that have licenses from the state can play bingo. However, they must pay every penny of income. In addition, prize pools of more than $1,500 per day or $3,000 per week are illegal in bingo.

They establish the Georgia Lottery to help support education in the state. They must use the lottery’s proceeds to fund the HOPE Scholarship. This program pays for college tuition for those who meet specific criteria. It also covers the cost of pre-kindergarten programs.

The Georgia Lottery is in charge of overseeing all types of commercial gaming in the state. Without the approval of the state legislature, it may develop new gaming sectors. Although the Georgia Lottery has the authority to establish video lottery casinos, it has decided not to. The state lottery’s management has declined to enter the casino gambling market without clear legislative guidance.

In Georgia, where can you gamble?

There are no casinos in Georgia that are open to the public. Only one cruise ship presently transports Georgia casino players across the Atlantic. The Emerald Princess II, based in Brunswick, is the last ship left. The Savannah-based Tradewinds Casino has been permanently shuttered. This ship has slots, video poker, and table games, as well as other casino games. Casino activity is available in the Atlanta region at Harrah’s Cherokee and Harrah’s Murphy in North Carolina and Mississippi.

It is the most excellent option available to gamers right now unless legislation allowing Georgia casinos to open is enacted shortly.

Video lottery machines may be available at sales outlets and pubs around the state. Besides, to complete a spin on these slot machines, the player must do one skillful act.

Types of Online Betting in Georgia That Are Accepted

The lottery is the only type of legal internet gambling in Georgia. is a website that offers lottery tickets for Mega Millions, Powerball, and Fantasy 5. It also provides authentic money keno tickets, which are drawn every three and a half minutes. Instant games that resemble slot machines are also available. These tickets range in price from $.50 to $2.

Under Georgia’s skill gaming rules, daily fantasy sports sites seek an exception. The Georgia Lottery began an investigation into this claim by mailing letters to prominent websites in the state. Sam Olens, the state’s attorney general, is also looking into daily fantasy sports. Meanwhile, sites such as DraftKings, Fanduel, Yahoo!, and CBS Sports are still operating in the state.

Types of Live Betting in Georgia

There are two types of live legal gambling in Georgia. The oldest is bingo for a charitable reason. It is a low-stakes game with a modest prize pool.

Furthermore, video lottery is another kind of live gaming in Georgia. It refers to slot machines that need a certain level of expertise. Redeeming machines is the technical word for these games. The most frequent games use a three-reel device with the player utilizing skill to choose which reel to move to the final position for the best reward.

Other operators utilize machines that do not need competence. The Georgia Lottery’s approach to enforcing devices that do not follow the regulations is still up for dispute.

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Sports Betting in Georgia FAQs

Is it possible to play online poker for real money in Georgia?

No, the state of Georgia does not regulate any form of internet gaming. Unfortunately, that implies no online poker companies or casinos may claim to be under Georgia’s jurisdiction; instead, their license will be from a different government.

In Georgia, what is the legal betting age?

Georgia’s gambling age is 18.

In Georgia, is bingo illegal?

In Georgia, bingo is one of only three legal types of gambling. The Georgia Lottery and raffles are the other two authorized types of gambling. Besides, most of Georgia’s bingo operators, which include veterans groups and service clubs, use their bingo games to raise funds as required by law.