Florida Sports Betting

State Information

21,570,527 (2020)
Largest city:

Gambling: Casinos & Sportsbook

Year Regulated Gambling:
Racing (1931), Bingo (1970), Lottery (1986), Poker (1994), Casinos (2004)
Estimated Gambling Revenue:
$7 Billion
Gambling Age:
18 for lottery and bingo, 21 for casinos and racing
Online Gambling:
Horseracing is only form of legal online gambling

florida sports betting

Carrying a population of 21 million people, it should be unsurprising that Florida sports betting accounts for a large portion of all legal sports betting in the United States. While betting is illegal within Florida, the state is a hotbed for sports betting on the East Coast. To lawfully put their wagers, Florida residents use offshore sports betting platforms that are allowable outside of the United States.

Today, we will be talking about the legitimacy of sports betting in Florida. We will also be providing you with a list of several favorite betting places that welcome Americans.

Florida Betting History

In 1931, racing received just one vote in the state government. Governor Doyle Carlton’s veto was ultimately overturned by the Florida Legislature, allowing greyhound and horse racing. Following a decade of efforts, it was the state’s first method of legal gambling. And in 1970, Florida made bingo and other charitable games of chance legal. There is no age requirement to play bingo in Florida. So anybody can do so, but most businesses do not allow minors.

Florida Gambling

Since the Seminoles were just a nonprofit organization, they were allowed to have bingo games. A bingo organizer’s most significant prize pool is $100. The Seminoles agreed that none of this applied to them. So the tribal group built a high-stakes bingo hall. Attorney General Bob Butterworth questioned them. Since the lawsuit reached the United States Supreme Court, the Seminoles won. More tribal bingo halls opened up in Florida as a result of this.

In 1986, Florida voters approved a lottery. Gambling casinos in Florida fell in a landslide on the same referendum measure. However, they legalized poker in Broward County in 1994 and the rest of the state in 1996. Casinos on Seminole land were not legal until 2004. Following several fails after that, casinos in Florida gradually expanded to the counties of Dade and Broward.

Video poker, computer table games, and slots are available at county casinos. In addition to these games, Seminole casinos in Florida can sell house-banked table games. Poker used to have a $10 pot limit. In 2008, operators increased the buy-in to $100. In 2010, They removed all bet caps from Florida poker rooms.

Florida Gambling Laws

Florida online gambling laws currently have several regulations in place. These allow for a variety of legal gaming options, including casinos, poker, and horse racing. Dana Young, the current leader of the Florida House of Representatives, is attempting to pass bills that will provide Florida citizens with even more gambling opportunities.

Dog Tracks Betting

Leaseholders of dog tracks in Florida are concerned that they’ll have to close due to a decline in dog racing’s success, which has rendered the facilities unsustainable. A new bill could encourage these facilities to continue functioning as casinos even though dog racing was no longer permitted. Young’s account, if signed, would allow more people in Florida to gamble.

Tribal Gaming

Thanks to Young’s bill, the Poarch Band of Creek tribe will currently create a packed casino in Northwest Florida. The state has an exclusive agreement with the Seminole tribe. However, it expired in the summer of 2015, and the tribe reportedly does not have any casinos in Northern Florida. Just one single casino in Northern Florida will make gaming more accessible to residents. While still possibly bringing in money from nearby states with strict anti-gambling rules, such as Alabama.

Allowed Forms of Online Betting in Florida

Off-track gambling on horses and greyhounds is the only legal means of online gaming in FlTherefore, itida. It is appropriate on sites like TwinSpires and TVG.

Under Florida’s talent gaming rule, daily fantasy sports sites seek an exception. This point of view is arguable. Fantasy sports is ruled unconstitutional in Florida by then-Attorney General Robert Butterworth in a 1991 ruling. The proof is being heard before a federal grand jury to determine if the practice is lawful in the state.

In 2013, the Florida Legislature passed legislation prohibiting using the Internet to award prizes in sweepstakes cafes. Membership poker sites were sent out of the state as a result of this. Outside of the racing industry, every online poker venue is unregistered and, therefore, most possibly illegal in the state.

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Sports Betting in Florida FAQs

Is it legal to gamble in Florida?

The state makes no distinction between card games and slot machines when it comes to gaming. Betting on horse racing, athletic competitions, and billiards or pool tables are examples of gambling. Florida, with its breathtaking irony, allows betting at a casino managed by the Seminole Gaming Compact.

In Florida, what is the allowable gambling age?

According to state law, the legal limit for working and gaming in state-sanctioned card rooms is 18 years old. That still hasn’t changed as a result of these falls. So, for the time being, all of the young poker phenoms should relax. They’ll be allowed to play at all Florida poker rooms, including tribal casinos, lawfully.

Is it legal to have a betting arcade in Florida?

In 2013, the Florida Legislature enacted a bill banning adult arcades from running slot machines or other gambling and awarding players in cash or lavish prizes as part of a settlement with the Seminole tribe.