Arkansas Sports Betting

State Information

3,017,804 (2019)
Little Rock
Largest city:
Little Rock

Gambling: Casinos & Sportsbook

Year Regulated Gambling:
Horse racing (1929), Greyhound Racing (1957), Racinos (2005), Lottery (2009)
Estimated Gambling Revenue:
$427 million including lottery, racing and casino games
Gambling Age:
18 for lottery and racing, 21 for casinos
Online Gambling:
Pari-mutuel racing is legal over the Internet in Arkansas

arkansas statePoliticians have come to support the Arkansas sports betting industry in the last twenty years. People in government have recognized the enormous financial value of casinos. They also have started to increase the number of gaming opportunities available. Legal sports betting has grown in popularity in this country and is now fully regulated by the government.

When it comes to gambling, Arkansas used to be a state that looked the other way. Even during the Prohibition era, Arkansas gambling opened in Hot Springs. Full-fledged gaming activities, similar to those found in Nevada, were prevalent. However, it was outlawing this form of gambling in Arkansas during the Baby Boom years. In 1967 the last Arkansas casino, located in Hot Springs, ended its operations.

The legal gambling form in Arkansas after Hot Springs stopped its operations was greyhound racing. So it was until racinos got the approval in 2005. Video poker, table games, and slots that require skill are the first to pass the authorization. Next was the games of luck in 2012. Then, through a statewide constitutional referendum in 2008, they created a state lottery.

Arkansas sports betting

Betting Online in Arkansas

At the moment, there are no ways to do any legal AR online sports betting. The one senate bill intended to legalize sports betting by a Democratic senator was in the promotion. Unfortunately, he does not intend to run for re-election. Therefore, this bill, SB 669, was adjourned “sine die.” This means that there is no scheduled session to discuss it in the future.

However, we expect a new generation of senators in 2020 to support Arkansas internet gaming becoming legal. It is because public perception of gambling is shifting. The common opinion seems to be that sports betting should be legal in Arkansas. However, no one knows how to make it happen online.

Arkansas Laws on Sports Betting And Casino

In the past, Arkansas was regarded as an anti-gambling state. It is because it did not permit many kinds of betting, and gambling was almost entirely illegal. As a result, there isn’t much in the way of actual gaming in the state, apart from a state lottery, two “Racinos.” A few bingo halls also sell some imitation pressed “poker” products.

On the other hand, sports betting became legal in November 2018 after voters approved the plan on their mid-term ballot. Having a 55% transfer rate, Arkansas people demonstrated their desire. To become more pro-gambling and align with the rest of the country. And now that sports betting is legal, rules are in effect to guide the two existing racinos. Also, this includes two proposed casinos. Moreover, as well as the prospect of more lax gaming laws.

Arkansas Online Casinos

In Arkansas, you are not allowed to play online casino games. However, gambling houses and gadgets will enable you to wager money. Also, something important on a game of chance or talent that the state law forbids. They were expecting the regulations to apply to online gaming in Arkansas. However, there are racino venues where you can enjoy casino-style games.

There are a few social casinos that are considered legitimate. These websites are free to access and do not fall under the legal concept of gaming. Thus, enabling you to play online casino games in Arkansas.

Sports Betting in Arkansas

In Arkansas, it is legal to wager on football. Arkansas was one of the many states to legalize sports betting. It is where you can choose from a wide variety of betting choices. The sports betting scene in Arkansas is exclusively land-based. The legislation that created the gambling practice did not allow for smartphone or internet gambling.

The Razorbacks teams from the University of Arkansas have a devoted fan base in the Natural State. However, Arkansas residents are not allowed to gamble on games. Instead, it features the state’s college teams, the critical limit on legal gaming in Arkansas.

Arkansas Daily Fantasy

In Arkansas, you can bet on daily fantasy sports. Even though casino games of chance are illegal in Arkansas, the daily fantasy sports industry is legal. Also, it involves all big players.

Horse Racing Betting in Arkansas

Horse racing betting is legal in Arkansas, which comes as no surprise. Oaklawn Park Race Track is to blame for this. The Grade 1 Arkansas Derby is taking place at this horse racing venue in Hot Springs. NYRA Bets and their digital channels allow you to bet on horse racing online in the Natural State.

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Sports betting in Arkansas FAQs

Is it lawful to gamble on sports in Arkansas?

Yes, really. Arkansas voters adopted the bill, and people placed the first bets in July 2019. It is the eighth state to have allowed sports gambling.

Is it legal to gamble online in Arkansas?

Is it possible to put bets on the internet? Unfortunately, since the Racing Commission has ruled that people must place bets in person on the casino premises, there are no legitimate online sports betting operations in Arkansas.

Is it legal for me to use DraftKings as a sportsbook in Arkansas?

You won’t be able to bet on Draftkings if you live in Arkansas so that you can bet on other pages.